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the new technology standard for throw data and video analysis
The most accurate, real-time data capture available
Hardware and software that works wirelessly in any training environment.

the technology

FlightScope comprises a high performance, low power, 3D Doppler tracking radar with phased array antenna technology and advanced ballistic flight analysis software to track airborne apparatus from launch to landing.

the software

Immediate Results

Automatically capture and view real-time throw data along with synced video to provide instant feedback and compare results.

Sector Grouping

Track thrower performance throughout a session with visual implement grouping.

Throw Data Includes:
  • Release Speed
  • Release Height
  • Release Direction
  • Release Angle
  • Distance
  • Max Height
  • Landing Angle
  • Sector Angle
  • Flight Time
Automatic Clipping

Choose custom pre-and post-recording time with automatic video clipping.

Highlight Training Cues

Use drawing tools to highlight body position and technical cues.

Record Throw Feedback

Provide screen capture with voice-over feedback to your throwers for post-session review from any location.

View Customization

Choose from a number of data and video screen combinations to display during each session.

Throw Labels & Comments

Tag multiple weights, create custom tags, or add cue comments to optimize data filtering and review.

Sort throws by time, distance, speed, or angle to spot trends and quickly navigate through similar results.

Thrower Management

Drag and drop throw data for quick multi-thrower management and analysis.

FocusBand ®

A wearable, motion-based, mind-sensing headband that measures and assists in self-training your throw routine using real-time audio-visual neurofeedback.

Get detailed analysis of your mental state from start of throw through impact, synchronized with FlightScope data.

Always Growing

We are constantly improving our technology to provide our users with the best products in the industry.

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